Welcome to USR!

Welcome to USR!

The Next Gen Sales Battle

Welcome to our site – USR – which stands for UnitedSalesRepublic. We’ve started up this site, which we hope to expand over time, in order to tap into a section of the online video game journalist presence that we feel is lacking.

We intend to report, index, and analyse sales figures provided by the major, reputable tracking firms, publishers and developers in the video game industry, both for hardware and software.

At present no site actually catalogues these announcements or tracks strictly official sales announcements. Many mainstream gaming sites will report a sales-related piece of news, but they do not index them in an easy-to-read and analyse manner. Similarly, some sites seek to track sales, especially of hardware, but they do so based on their own, unofficial estimations – we intend to collate only the most reputable of sales announcements.

This is our first post in what will hopefully be a long journey. Thanks for visiting our fledgling site; hopefully you’ll want to return!


Reporting, Indexing & Analysing Video Game Industry Sales Figures